Exams are Just by the Corner

Its easy to see that exams are just by the corner. In the City of Bulawayo you can see students either after school or in the weekend clutching folders, files, laptops or books. They will be running around trying to finish off CALA tasks or projects. Seems like deadlines will be chasing against them and they will be in hurry. Zimbabwe’s education system has CALA tasks and each student is required to submit a number of tasks as defined by the subject teacher before he or she sits for the examinations.

Some will be going for extra lessons. They feel that they are not prepared enough so they want to go an extra mile and cover for what they did not do in time. Both parents and students will be looking for new teachers to offer extra lessons. They feel that what was done in class is not enough to make the student get good scores. These are the final efforts as students prepare for both Cambridge and Zimsec examinations that are just by the corner.

Some of the students come from the so called good schools hwere they pay large sums of money to learn, but still they will be trying to add more to what they get from school. So they will look for some lessons somewhere and not from their usual school teachers. They will want some more feeding before they get into the examination.

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