Shortage of Functional Online Learning Resources for High School Students in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean secondary school students have have very few online options to learn from when they get online. Of course learning material is awash online, one can say. But is there a real source where they can go to when they want to learn thier specific subjects as spelt out in their Mopse Syllabus? Can they find well-prepared lessons to prepare for their examinations? Can they find enough exam tips and revision sessions that are tailored to their local exams?

Maybe I am the one who is failing to do research well. It seems there are no dedicated classes aimed at equipping students for their Zimsec exams. One such resource I used to check was Ruzivo Digital Learning which now seems to redirect to Akello Smart Learning when you go online. Logging into Akello Learning, One can see a lot of notes and short exercises. The material there seems to be material for general learning and not tailored to a specific syllabus.

There are no teachers to meet students there if students feel like meeting their teachers online. There is no real exam focus and thorough revision that students want when they are preparing for examinations. A student in Akello is like any other student who is online. You are just learning general knowledge. You cannot go there with the goal of preparing for an exam under pressure. You wont find past papers or any guidance.

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