Students Struggle with Programming and Databases

Computer Science students in Bulawayo are struggling with programming and database topics as they near the exam period. Both O Level and A Level students I talked to were saying those topics are difficult to understand and they need more help before they write examinations in October, November and December. Some students are writing Zimsec examinations while others are writing Cambridge examinations.

Out of the 10 students that I talked to no-one admitted that he or she was going to do justice to those topics if exams come today. Some say the topics were not covered well in the lessons at school while some say the topics were not done at all. Whether the problem is with teachers, schools or students themselves, no-one knows. But indicators are that those topics need serious attention if students are to gain confidence before they get into examinations.

As a solution to this problem, our organization is planning to extent our teaching programs into schools next year as way of helping more students facing challenges in Computer Science, both for Zimsec and Cambridge examinations. Our goal is to offer support to both teachers and students so that students will begin to like computing more.

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